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Our comprehensive, convenient, and come-to-you weighing service allows you to hit the road safely, knowing that your caravans, trailers, and towing vehicles are within their weight limitations.

Whether travelling in a caravan, camper trailer, 4×4 tourer, or simply towing a boat, knowing your weight is not always easy. You can find all your legal weights, like your tare, GVM, GCM and ATM, on your vehicle or caravan’s compliance plates, but how much does your setup weigh after you have loaded up your gear? What effect has the load had on your ball weight? What effect has your caravan had on your vehicle’s GVM?

DwnUnder can help you with those answers.

Staying within your specified maximum weight limit is a legal requirement, and people are often surprised how easy it is to go over that weight limit. Our team can weigh your setup and give you an accurate weight so you can head off on your travels without worrying whether you’re travelling safely and legally.

Our team is happy to discuss and educate you on how to distribute the weight when you pack your caravan or tow vehicle; we provide an extensive report to revert to, ensuring you have a safe and balanced setup for travelling on your next adventure.

We Weigh:

  • Caravans
  • Trailers
  • Boats
  • Touring Vehicles
  • Horse Floats
  • Trade Trailers
  • Motorhomes
  • Racing Cars
  • Small Trucks (up to 8 tons)